michelle (girrlscout)

Owner, 34 years old, I feel like I'm writing a bio for my Myspace...

f/34/WA, Emotional little pisces. I'll take one of everything in black and a pair of worn in converse please. I love short walks to the couch to binge watch bad reality tv under a weighted blanket. However I do also love a good long walk to anywhere that serves tacos. Pineapple belongs on pizza, I will fight you. Iced coffee is better than hot. Introverted at heart but extroverted around the right people. I struggle with anxiety/PTSD but I do my best to not let that slow me down. Healing is not linear. Running this business and having the most incredible support system (family, friends, all of you) has healed me more than anyone will ever know. I can't imagine doing anything else. I just want to create all day every day. All I want is for you to feel like your best self in what I design. That is what makes me the happiest. Thank you so much for being here. :')


Girrlscout as a brand was started in October 2015 by myself (Michelle. hey, hi we met a second ago!) and my now husband, Spencer in my tiny little apartment in southern California. It all started with our Face Shit™ makeup bag which I hand painted myself and sold for fun... within a few short months it sort of took off and slowly evolved into t-shirts, hoodies and accessories for a few years. I really wanted to create fun items with a traditional tattoo style and an encouraging message. I am constantly thinking of ways to create items that I wish existed. We've worked with some amazing artists along the way.

I'd like to think of Girrlscout as an extension of our life; it has grown with me, with us, every single step of the way. We got our first dog, we made some dog related products. We moved to Washington State in 2018, we made some PNW inspired products. We got married in 2020, we made some wedding inspired products. It's just something we've always enjoyed doing - moving swiftly with the flow of life, creating with whatever we feel inspired by in that moment, good or bad.

We went from small apartment, to guest room, to garage, to basement to now a full blown warehouse in Tacoma, WA. It did not happen overnight and I think that's extremely important to note. It happened over the last 8 years with hard work, late nights, endless post office runs, ALL OF YOU GUYS, listening to ourselves and never giving up.

Recently, in August 2022, we launched Tomboy Butterfly™. A from-scratch clothing brand I've been personally working on since December 2021. Building this collection of inclusive androgynous clothing has been a dream of mine since I was very little. I did not go to college for it, but I have always been a creative person that enjoyed making things that I've never seen before. I am just a mid-size human who very strongly identifies with alternative androgynous style. Shopping online in my late 20's/early 30's I was constantly met with items that either didn't fit (one size fits small), were cheaply made or I could never afford them. Or all of the above. I wanted to create a brand that was not only affordable, but well made (not fast fashion), well thought of and LISTENED to the needs and wants of all kinds of people. Although we are still very much new (and small) in this custom clothing department, we are doing our absolute best to bring you top tier shit and provide quality staple items to your wardrobe. Being now 33 years old, every day staple pieces that LAST are a must have and I can't wait to continue to bring that at an affordable price and in an inclusive size range.

We try and do monthly drop of new items and will restock staple items as they come in so make sure you follow me on social media or sign up for our e-mail list for a heads up!

Thank you for being here. Thank you for supporting, sharing, and wearing. It means more than you will ever know. I wouldn't be here doing this if it wasn't for all of you - thank you.

let's meet the team

meet spencer

Marketing/Content Master

Our creative guru that handles all things content, photo/video, you name it. It's shot and edited by him. Married to Girrlscout (Michelle) - he's helped grow and nurture this company since it's very beginning in 2015. We wouldn't be anywhere we are without him and his drive and creative brain.

Meet amanda

Warehouse Manager

Full time dog mom + fellow creative (link) + employee here at Girrlscout since Fall 2022. She keeps us all together, organized and sane. Highest respects to this professional thrifting goddess; her house is a literal fucking dream. If you order from us, she has most likely packed your order with tons of love.